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Soleil offers her music to the world as a healing force.

Coming from a strong background as a successful songwriter in R&B and pop music, Soleil integrates popular music with global concerns through creating and singing Songs For Humanity. 

Responding to the heart of the world, Soleil’s compassionate message brings unity, evokes love, and leads us home to our true place of interconnectedness as a global family.

This music reaches across the divides created by cultural, ethnic and economic differences, opening our hearts to forgiveness, compromise, and cooperation. As a singer/songwriter, her dynamic voice resonates hope, inspiration, and remembrance of our deep connection as a part of the human family.

Soleil is also using her gift to create  SONGS FOR HUMANITY –  music to inspire, uplift, motivate, and bring unity, peace and joy to the world.


 “We’ll Meet Again”  © Soleil Dakota
This song expresses the universal human experience of  loss, grief and hope. Written in remembrance of my father after his passing.
Elephant In My Heart- ITunes

“Elephant In My Heart” © Soleil Dakota
In support of the elephant conservation movement to save Earth’s endangered elephants.

“My Own Light” © Soleil Dakota
For all children who have been impacted by AIDS and other tragedies and still carry their
own bright light.

“I Forgive” © Soleil Dakota
The freedom we find when we forgive others and forgive ourselves.
Unexpectedly, an enemy becomes a friend…

“Sister Pray” © Soleil Dakota
Seeking our deepest truths – inspiring love and connectedness within our human family.

MUSIC CONNECTING YOUR BUSINESS TO THE WORLD   In addition to “Discography” page, other songs written include:


“She’s Beautiful”  © Eva Mautner, Soleil Dakota, and Austin Willacy
Written in honor of women on the breast cancer healing journey.

“An Angel Now” © Soleil Dakota and Shanice Wilson
Uplifting message for all experiencing troubling times.

“Still Strong” © Dennis J. Banks, Narada Michael Walden, and Soleil Dakota
Honoring Native American people and the strength of their spirits.

In the Spirit of Chief Joseph, we are Still Strong.
In the Spirit of Geronimo, we are Still Strong.
In the Spirit of Crazy Horse, we are Still Strong.
In the Spirit of Peltier, we are Still Strong.

MUSIC CONNECTING YOUR BUSINESS TO THE WORLD See “Discography” page foSoleil Hands Keybdr  list of  earlier

R&B/pop compositions.

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