We Can Change The World

“We Can Change The World” c 2017 Written and composed by Soleil Dakota and Robert Finney. Sung by Robert Finney. BG Vocals Robert Finney. Keyboard Soleil Dakota . I released this music video Nov. 18, 2017 in loving memory of my beloved friend Robert Finney. A truly truly beautiful man and artist, gone too soon.


Robert Ellison Finney 
(1.23.1977 – 11.15.2017).

Spread Bobby’s message around the world: “No more wars or nations divided. Let’s stand in one accord and let love override it.”


Thank you to Patricia Hartigan Bloom for endless invaluable creative input and support making this video.
Thank you to Sophie Lise Hannibal, La Muse media, for the performance video.
Thank you to Celso Alberti for mix, tech support and great vibe.
Thank you Frank Martin for inspiring piano lesson.
Thank you to my mentor Narada Michael Walden for showing me how to write a hit song.

“I love you always and forever, Bobby. It was an honor and a joy to be your friend and musical collaborator.”
~ Soleil Dakota

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